"Can you IMAGINE the MASTERPIECE you were designed to be?"

~ Nina Brown


Are you ready to unbox your limiting thoughts that will unlock the doors so you can step into a life full of unlimited potential?  


in 2020  


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What is Masterpiece?

Do you find yourself questioning your purpose?  Are your dreams still alive?  When you look inside, what do you see? 

What is the makeup of your inner core? 

At the Make Your Life A Masterpiece event, you will learn the answers to these questions and much more. This international event has helped thousands of women to achieve the lives they previously only dreamed were possible. Can you imagine using the gifts and talents inside of you to inspire others which in turn cause a ripple effect that will produce a lasting legacy? 


Nina will help you discover what has been hidden inside of you, providing the tools to unlock and design the life of your dreams.

You are invited to join a table of change-making women engaged in a process of discovering and defining their unique individuality through creative style and expression. It is time to unbox your potential and begin to live an unlimited life whereby you can unlock the limiting beliefs that have handcuffed and hidden the real you. 

Take the step and invest in yourself today. Imagine learning the skills that will demonstrate how to make the shifts necessary to live an unlimited life enabling you to change your patterns and realign your core values to start living the life you desire and dream about.  People perish when they don't have a vision.  Imagine the powerful impact the Masterpiece Event can have in your identity, your creativity and your business as you unlock the tools and talents you already possess.


Nina Brown, well-known identity designer, will guide you through this creative and inventive process, exploring, extracting and expressing your true voice.

Nina has spent the past 10 years studying, teaching and presenting this material to women around the world. Make a decision to be inspired, participate and dare to dig deeper to experience first-hand, shining in your own sphere of influence. Together with like-minded women, come, join and support others write their stories, while they support you in writing yours. 

If it is more personal fulfilment, more passion or more happiness that you are seeking, then Make Your Life A Masterpiece is the right event for you where you can find the tools along with the grace to radiate and shine as you were created to be.  

“I would love to help you discover where your puzzle piece fits perfectly into your unique and individual design.” 


~ Nina Brown





Paarl. Western Cape



more events coming

Masterpiece Event Dates

  • Stellenbosch, 4 April 2020 - 09:30-13:00
    Sat, 04 Apr
    Stellenbosch, South Africa
    04 Apr 2020, 09:30 – 13:00
    Stellenbosch, South Africa
    Cost: R555 Only 10 seats available

What can I expect?

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Who is Nina?


Nina’s journey to discovery was a long and winding road. Her bio reads like a newspaper headline:

Nina Brown: Bold, Ambitious, Competitive, Former CEO, Entrepreneur of the Year in South Africa, Mother of Three and All-Around Overachiever! 


Nina exchanged her fame and fortune for pursuing her dream and taking advantage of her creative gifts to inspire others.

“I found something so powerful, colourful, fragrant and full of light and life, that I simply had to share it.”

After many years in the clothing industry and being awarded the Blue Skye Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Sanlam/Business Partners in 2001, she finally decided to circle back into styling and completed an Image Consulting course in 2009. Doors immediately started opening. Invitations started pouring in to be a guest speaker at numerous events.


Her natural inclination to motivate others to embrace change resulted in a shift in emphasis in her column as inspirational writer for Leef Magazine.


Opportunities in line with her passions abounded, including hosting corporate image enhancing events, motivational workshops, styling fashion events and interior photo shoots.

Her story was publicized in magazine articles such as Sarie and Leef and Juig.

ln addition, she developed a platform for creative women at the Stellenbosch Woordfees, styling and motivating women to unlock the best of themselves through colour, creativity and their own signature style.

Nina is passionate about helping to guide women on their personal journey and discovering their individual blueprint that is woven into their DNA by the Creator’s hand.


By uncovering our true image, discovering our purpose and rekindling our passion, countless women come away from the Masterpiece event finally understanding who they were created to be.

Nina believes every woman is created with talents, personalities, dreams and a unique style to showcase God's beauty. The bottom line is that many women simply do not recognize the value they possess.


Nina has a unique gift to assess women and call out the “gold” she sees in them, thereby helping women to embrace their extraordinary beauty and unique identity that lies within themselves. 


Women leave the Make Your Life A Masterpiece event rejuvenated and shining bright from the inside out.



"Nina reveals the truth on so many levels. She takes you on a journey to rediscover the authentic you, she lifts the lid on your unique strands of DNA, her sense of style inspires and when the light shines in, transformation unfolds. Her talent extends far beyond an understanding of style - she is truly a one-of-a kind identity architect. She hears from the ultimate Creator and in sharing that with you, the truth starts knocking on your door, and should you answer the call - identity gets revealed. Your unique style starts manifesting, as a result of a journey and not because of a quick fix colour coded card"


Lizanne Vos 

Business Strategy Consultant


Beauty is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Nina: she represents beauty, she leads her participants along beautiful experiences and she creates beauty all around her.

I attended 3 of Nina’s workshop and they were all totally different. One of the things that really impressed me is how Nina covers a wide spectrum: from giving great advice on wardrobe, colours, make-up etc, to flowing in the Spirit of prophecy and Revelation. A rare gift! Nina’s programs keep on evolving, allowing participants to flow in creativity with room for Godly revelation and new discoveries. She is truly gifted and inspires participants to seek the beauty within and allowing it to shine forth.


Isabel Laas

Executive Coach


Nina Brown’s workshops have the ability to intentionally bring purpose, values and identity into alignment. She creatively navigates you towards discovering who you were designed to be. I personally can attest to the transformational impact that still continues, months after the completion of her workshops. I have recommended them to all my friends and colleges. They are simply life changing...


Nadia Marais



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