Style YOUR Rhythm is a life changing concept. It is not only about your best colour, style or body shape. It is new and unique and cannot be compared to other systems.

I believe that if you find YOUR Rhythm it brings understanding and rest and from that rest you can become all that God intended you to be. Love Him. Love People. Love the life you’ve been given.

My gift lies in unlocking your true potential and igniting a light inside of you. I do not do make overs, I do REFRESH, RENEW and REVIVE.   I focus on personality, body language, physical features, your gifts and talents, the way you scribble and the way you think. All of these together shows your uniqueness.

We work on the framework of four Signatures: Bright and Cheerful, Soft and Elegant, Rich and Dynamic and Discreet but Striking. Don’t analyse this too much. Listen to your heart…this is not about who you should be, but about who you truly are.

Maybe you are even living true to your signature, but needs confirmation to start enjoying the journey.

Which Signature are You ? 


signature 1   signature 2 signature 3 signature 4

 Photos by Claudia De Nobrega & Samantha du Toit