Today is our last day of the fast.
I would like you to think about this in your own life:
“Why do you stay in prison if the door is wide open?”
If this speaks directly to you, I want you to ask yourself….What are the promises that God has given you?
Have you locked yourself in because of your circumstances?
If you feel stuck and unable to move forward… what about looking at your life in another way? What about asking the Lord to rescue you? If you have already asked Him over and over, I want to give you hope. You have to press in one more time. Do not give up!
Do not believe all the lies and words that have been said over your life.
Give God permission to get everything that is not of Him out of you.
Give Him:
Your Disappointments
Your Rejections
Your Anger
Your Unworthiness
Your Struggles
Your Uncertainties
Freedom really is available for all of us!
What request to you have that we can pray for? Where do you need a breakthrough?

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