Every once in a while we meet someone whose personality is magnetic! The person seems to be surrounded by a refreshing glow, and we actually feel happier when we are in their presence. Do you ever wonder what that really is though? There are plenty of nice and fun people out there, but what makes one person more magnetic than another?

This “glow” that you see and magnetism that draws you to this person is actually real. The glow is called JESUS. Our eyes are naturally attracted to colors, vibrancy, and light! People that radiate intense are people with true beauty that shines from within. These people are truly glowing and we want to be around them!

In my opinion, we can all try our best to let our inner beauty shine through by being a “real”and genuine person. Be Authentic! Not only are we attracted to a glowing soul, but we are also attracted to one’s genuine authenticity. We are drawn to people who are comfortable with themselves. Being authentic attracts acceptance and love!

If you want to be surrounded by high quality and fun people, remember to keep it authentic and create your glowing aura!!!

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