“It’s Harvest Time! It’s Harvest Time!”

“It’s time now, where you are going to LAUGH and LAUGH LOUDLY at the enemy and the giants that were mocking you. It’s now time to look at them and LAUGH as the FRUIT OF YOUR LABORS and STEADFAST HEARTS begin to erupt.

“The eruption of the fruits of your Spirit-led labors and steadfast hearts are going to come suddenly and will position you in alignment into a slipstream of grace that will see the tables turned. It will see the season changed from hitting hard ground over and over and over with little fruit, to a grace, a slipstream of ease, and GREAT fruit.

“The dark nights of the soul that have been walked, the price that has been paid, the cost of obedience, the sacrifices, it has not been for nothing, it’s all been for Me, and what a delight you are to My heart. Not for what you do, but for who you are, because you are Mine. My heart leaps and rejoices over you and who you are and I delight in you for YOU and not what you DO. As you have moved in obedience to Me and not given up, you are now going to see great harvest.

“Where the locust has attempted to keep you ‘locked away’ from harvest by stealing, killing and destroying, I am now LEAPING YOU INTO HARVEST. You are moving into your harvest moment with great acceleration, joy and strength. In the breakthrough of your harvest, I will reinstall hope, refresh strength and release greater impartations to see and then to shift.

“For such a time as this! For such a time as this! Don’t let the enemy tell you all of this and the fruit of your Spirit-led labors has been for nothing. As you have built by the leading of My Spirit and continued to build and contend when there has been little breakthrough, you have been partnering with Me to see a greater display of My promise and fruits of your breakthrough burst forth more than what you have dreamt about.

“I am breathing hope afresh! The fruits of your Spirit-led labors are about to be seen and ENJOYED. A season of ENJOYING the HARVEST is here. Even in the busyness of the harvest, there will be a REST IN THE HARVEST, a REST OF HEART that many of you have not known before. A new level of rest in the harvest will be met. A season to TRULY ENJOY the abundance of the fruit of your Spirit-led labors.”

by Lana Vawser

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