So what does it take to start thinking about ReInvention?
First, you must SHOW UP … just acknowledge that you might be curious.
Next, you must BE WILLING … ask yourself if you are OPEN to even consider it.
Next, you must TELL THE TRUTH … talk (to yourself or others) about how you really feel and if you truly WANT things to be different. Without an honest and deep look inside yourself, you won’t know how things truly are.
And, lastly, GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION … you can show up, be willing to explore, tell the truth … but without the permission to pursue “different,” it won’t happen.

Finally, I just want you to know that reinvention can be simple. It doesn’t always have to be dramatic. It just means that you honor doing something that brings you closer to what you value in your life or makes you feel purposeful.

by Ann Fry

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